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TFD Square Array Manual - A steerable square array for HF radio astronomy

TFD Element Efficiency Analysis - For calculating array gain

TFD Antennas - Wideband antennas for HF radio astronomy

16:1 Balun Transformers - For feeding TFD antennas with 50 ohm coax

PolyPhaser Surge Arrestors - Protect your equipment

Jove Pro Dipole Elements - Professionally constructed 20.1 MHz dipole elements

Feed System Components - High quality 50 ohm coax cable assemblies and power combiners

Masts - Military surplus green fibergalss poles

Rope - 3/16" black polyester rope for mast guy lines and antenna halyards


UTC Clock 1.3 - A small UTC and LMST clock display utility for Windows

Meters to Feet for Excel - A custom meters to feet conversion function for Excel

Dave Typinski, 2020